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Star Gazing at Mt. Rose


Hi, it’s us again. How have you been? 

We know Elision sort of went AWOL, but we’ve been talking lately, and here’s the general consensus: Working on this little zine was fun and we want to bring it back and do it better! 

In order for this to happen, though, we’re going to have to broaden our team a little bit and make a few changes. 

Let’s talk about the changes—our first goal for this new Elision is a more “tangible” zine, that is, releasing it on Issuu and as a downloadable PDF. This also means redesigning our site/blog and having a more consistent system that generates more content. The official issues will be released quarterly and not monthly. However, the blog will still be updated with fun, fresh articles and more regularly. We’ll still have interviews, literature, articles, lists, mixes, art and other possible features and subject matter; anything goes as long as it’s interesting and positive! 

This brings us to the part where new people come in: We’re adding to our staff and looking for regular contributors who can give us a little of their time, energy and talent and don’t mind contributing to every issue. That said, this is a call for the following:

If you have a plethora of poetry, fiction, relevant musings and other compulsively readable material, please share it with us! Send us a portfolio, and we’d love it if it could be diverse and you feel it’s your best. 

Illustrators, Designers and Graphic Artists
We’ll be using your work for covers and to help readers picture articles and fiction. Maybe even for a spread! Mail us a portfolio with at least five images, at least 500px in width. 

We’ve never done an on-location shoot for a cool photo feature or cover before, but it sounds incredibly fun! We’re on the lookout for concert snappers, but it’d be awesome to have photographers who have their own style and never lose ideas regarding the next perfect shot and have a story to tell through their pictures. Send in a portfolio with at least five snaps, also at least 500px in width. 

Layout Designers
This is truly, very important! In your hands will be the responsibility of turning the words of Elision into pages you can see and admire. We’re looking for a minimalist style that still pops and catches attention. And is preeetty. We want magazine pages you’d want to hang on your wall! Please give us a look at a few samples.

Web Designers
We’d love to redesign our site and turn it into something worthy of a domain eventually. If you’re very knowledgeable in HTML/CSS and can create a theme for Elision that can epitomize it, it’d be great to have you on board! (Please. Pretty please.) Email us a sample or two and let’s talk! 

Application Details
To be part of the brand-new Elision team, drop us a line at thisiselision@gmail.com with your name, age, school (if you still go to one), the position you are applying for, contact details and an attached compressed folder file of your portfolio. Submission is until September 15, 2013 (Sunday). We can’t wait to work with you! 

It’ll be a very exciting new venture, but we can’t help but be thankful that you checked this out, liked it (you do, right?) and stuck around. Here’s hoping things can only go up! 

Thank you and see you again real soon!

hit us up if you’re interested! :)



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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

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